Something New to Worry About

'We'd like to talk to you about the kingdom of God...'

A spaceship lands.  A crowd gathers.  The door opens slowly and a figure steps out of the open door:

“Have you heard great news?!  We’ve come to tell you about our lopwad and sprokmig, Garsnack, who devoured the forty oobleeks for our snirfs!”

What if aliens and just intergalactic…jehova’s witnesses?

Has anyone considered that, instead of destroying planets, they’re spreading the word  about their deity across the universe? Converting other life forms along the way?  And, if those other life forms don’t convert, then they destroy the planet.

If they landed here, we’d all be doomed.  As it is we already have enough people killing for their religion.  Do we really need intergalactic crusaders with super-advanced weaponry?

So, if you hear Grok knocking at your door on a Saturday morning…will you answer?

(I’ll never know, because The Mom has disabled the doorbell, again.)


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