Last week I was in the car with The Mom and we’re waiting at an intersection, which is usually where the street vendors are (and mind you we live very close to a ton of street vendors) and this guy, who I’ve seen before and I try to avoid, because he usually comes up and tries to buddy up to us and shakes my hand, comes over to our car. As you may have seen in one of my earlier posts I have really bad OCD that I take medication for. So the second or third time he had come over, I decided to close the window (our car is really old so you have to open and close the windows manually). I see him this time with the window closed and he comes up and opens the window. Yes, you heard that right, he opens the window to shake my hand, and I was shocked. I was under the impression that a closed window worked as a barrier between myself and the rest of the world.  He just slid it open and reached in.  And I went batcrap crazy for the next couple of hours cause The Mom never carries hand sanitizer. We finally had to stop and buy a bottle of hand sanitizer. I mean, seriously, I don’t want to be rude by not shaking his hand, but only 5% of people wash their hands correctly after they use the bathroom. 5%!!! Why is it not socially acceptable for me not to  shake someone’s hand, but it’s socially acceptable for them to scratch their ass and then shake my hand? Why do I have to make nice and walk around with their fecal matter on my hands? And how do I get out of this situation without looking like a total asshole?


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