Crap I’m Forced to Watch


Oh god, another rant about this “monkey”… The Curious George Show (Not mistaking it for the movie) is a show that my sister (The Nugget) has been watching without end for about six weeks now and as most things that you have to watch over and over I’ve started to hate that little shit more and more and do you wanna know why? Cause he’s spoiled and really fricking stupid and not cute or charming at all. He’s curious in all the wrong ways and yes I know “it’s just a kids show it doesn’t matter what you think cause it’s not for you.” This is an argument I see a lot and this is giving lazy writers an excuse to make the characters stupid and unlikable when, really, I think that kids’ shows should be fun for adults too since adults have to put up with watching them. For example, in one episode, he sticks colored pieces of paper in a traffic light thinking “Now everyone can admire their favorite colors!”.  The thing is, it’s not just the main character that is stupid, it’s also the human characters as well so there is nothing forgivable in this show or maybe I’m just sick of seeing toddlers cartoons.


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